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By placing a ad or ads including if you add a free viral email
ad you agree to these terms and any other terms/rules that are
on the main ad board where they would apply to your involvement
and participation.

Using a email address that expires within hours is not allowed.
Any email address that don't work that involves any free or
upgraded on: will be deleted. The same for a
viral email ad: Means that viral email ad account will be deleted.

Must use your real name when adding ad/s on: and
you must select both background and text colors for your ad/s: If you
do not your ad/s can be deleted or edited by the Webmaster. If deleted
you can add your ad/s again if were deleted but must not break any terms.

You agree not to abuse or use the services offered in a way that would harm or
offend anyone. You agree not to post any type of message or link that links to
anything illegal or offensive.

This site is meant to contain content that can be viewed by anyone of any
age. However, you would be viewing the links and messages at your own risk.
The administrators of: can't be held liable for any content
found on:

No guarantees to how much exposure each ad gets but upgraded ads do get
more exposure than free ads. Free ads can be removed anytime but not any
Upgraded Ads unless any terms are violated and the same for free ads. Do
know the better choice between free ad/s or upgraded ad/s is upgraded ad/s.

It's:'s Webmaster and or Administrators full
discression whether an ad follows the terms. You also agree to
receive occasional emails sent out from
You may opt-out of all emails at anytime by removing your ad/s and or
cancel your free viral email ad account.

Only 150 ads are stored at a time on:

The Administrators of can discontinue these services in
whole or in part at anytime.



The site and it's administrators will not sell or give
out your email address or your name when you submit an ad. However,
if you do participate in the free viral email ad program, then your email
address, message, subject, etc. will be shared, however this is optional
and you will need to submit further information to participate.

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